Daily Archives: June 5, 2014

Dear: First Kings


Dear First Kings,

I am so embarrassed to be writing this letter to you. I can’t believe that it has been over 8 years since we last spoke. I think I saw you about 3 years ago but I quickly crossed the road so that there was no time to confirm that it was really you. Work crushes are the worst!

My best friend Cec told me that you were a joke. That you were just toying with my emotions. But I thought it was just because you didn’t know how to express your feelings¬†towards me. You needed opportunities to express yourself to me so I decided to provide as many of these opportunities as possible. Hahahaha, the me now laughs.

My worst¬†memory of you was when you had a “harambee” to raise funds for something for your church. And you were so sweet to me at that point and time. And then you said you would be so happy if I gave you 5k for the harambee. Of course, I was going to give you 5k. I couldn’t wait till month end to receive my salary so that I could send you the 5k. And I did. And you stopped being nice and passing by my desk too. When I had just given you a THIRD of my nett salary!!!

Anyway, this letter is not to talk about the past. It is about the future. I am so glad I met you when I was 24. The thirty something girl I am now has no time for sweet talkers like you anymore. Even those who use the name of God to get what they want. I am wiser. And would not part with a third of my salary for a cause being promoted by someone I have a crush on. Thanks for the lesson.

Have a nice life,

The girl who still “prank” called you on your birthday because she was thinking about you 3 months after you stopped working together.