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How To: Annoy Some People


Dentist: Ask, “Since you are my friend, could you please chuck my tonsil stones for free?”

Mrs. Adrian: Call her Rhoda. That is the name we decided to use when she refused to tell us her baptismal name. We still don’t know her real name.

Njenva: Send a text message inviting her to your wedding committee meeting

Policeman: Ask, “What did you score in high school?”

Tailor: Request for the dress to be made exactly like Rihanna’s but with a twist, include the part that Ida Odinga had and the fabrics used by Martha Karua and you’d like to look like Lupita Nyong’o

Waruguru: Don’t remove your shoes when you get to her house

Skinny: Talk about how the neighbour’s cats should be poisoned

My neighbour: Leave your clothes on the hanging lines for more than 1 day

Doctor at a party: (Pulling up shirt) “There is this rash I have had for a few days……”

Osumi: “Nitahama”

What is the fastest way to annoy you?