So, (as I ignore the fact that I haven’t posted since I don’t know when…..) I had issues with my roof and had to move out while Osumi and his gang repaired the damage. I had mold and my neighbours sink water was leaking onto my bed. And my house is so cold so any excuse to sleep anywhere else is welcome (Thanks Mrs. Adrian and Nyaguthii for accommodating me!). By the way, I use an electric blanket and a heater for most part of the night – but I have still had a cold/flu/cough for the past 6 weeks…..

Back to the main story. Osumi was so apologetic about the state of my roof that he kept on calling  to inform me of every step of the repairs. When the work was finally done, he requested me to review the work and provide him with feedback. So when he came over for the feedback session and we were just having a tete a tete, he asked the most random question.

Kumbe uko na Oshep?!

Huh? Oshep?

Eeeh, niriona uko nayo


Ndio. Unadhani sikukuona? 

Mimi? Mimi sina oshep…. Oshep ni nini?

Haaaaiiiiiii. Njenva! Sinimekuona huko. Na ni kama urikuweko ng’ambo. Hiso fyatu za kuvikia huku (pointing at his hips) sio sa kufariwa huku!

Viatu? Ng’ambo?

Till it hits home……


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