Daily Archives: August 15, 2014

The Week That Has Been


This past week. Has been the mother of all weeks in terms of work. On average, I handle about 12 – 15 assignments at a time and for the most part, the last three months have been quite slow, with about 8 – 10 assignments simultaneously. Then came this week. Where all of a sudden, I had 19 assignments and they were all screaming in my face, “URGENT!

It has been over 3 years since I felt the sort of panic and heart racing that went on this week at work. I got to my house from work on Monday night and hadn’t left until a few minutes ago when I realised I had run out of toothpaste and tissue paper was also about to go kaput. I have also realised that I have showered once in the past three days. *blush*  My laundered clothes have been outside since Monday, I have been telling myself to complete just one action before I go out and remove them from the hanging line.  No book has been touched in the past two weeks – Waruguru must be wondering what kind of a book reading partner I am….. I have interviewed so many candidates, I think they have all merged into this one person who seems that they can do the job when I am dozing off but seems incompetent when I am fully alert. I have clicked on close when I actually meant save, sent an offer to a candidate with the wrong job title (thank goodness, not the wrong salary!) and slept for less than 5 hours on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday!

With that said, I am glad that the week is over and I will NOT work during the weekend. I draw the line there. I am not going back to that. God willing, ever. I am fully focused on getting past next week. Because after that, I am taking the week off. White sandy beach, here I come!

It has been embarrassing to look at my things to do before my last birthday. I think I will roll over most of the items so that I come up with new goals during my next birthday. I will work on that over the weekend.

Here I go, back to sourcing candidates and writing reports on what I can remember! 🙂