Daily Archives: September 8, 2014

Millz the Boss


Millz has been my Executive Residence Officer a.k.a. Domestic Assistant for about 3 years now. I really love how she makes the LOFT look. I don’t even have to tell her what to do – unless I’d like her to make chapatis. In other news, she makes the best chapatis EVER! We have only fought regarding ironing of clothes – she used to burn my clothes – and we agreed that the next time that happened then I would deduct the cost of the clothing from her salary. I haven’t found any burnt clothes since.

Millz is bossy. I enjoy seeing her bossiness manifesting itself on other people.

She opened up a business for her husband and told him to prepare a daily report that she peruses every evening. When I meet her, I receive a weekly update. She tells other house helps how to wash and arrange their clothes. I have heard her giving a free lecture to some ladies she found basking under the sun one afternoon….

“You know that if you actually took the time to read a book instead of basking under the sun, by the sun goes down you will have actually learned something new. Unless you are lizards and all you need to survive is sunlight…”

I have been recepient of this “bossiness”

“Njenva, did I see a box from Nandos/Steers in the trash? Aren’t you the one trying to lose weight? What is wrong with you?”

“Why did you let the bananas go bad? What were you eating instead?

“You need to arrange your shoes according to height and not according to colour…..”

Last week, she came over to do the washing on Tuesday and she left the clothes on the hanging line. On any other normal week, the clothes will stay on the hanging line till Thursday when she is back. She removes the clothes from the line, irons them then hangs them up. But nooooooo.

On Wednesday evening – I was busy working from home when I heard commotion outside my gate. It was Millz. Screaming out my name. And I rushed out to open my gate.


It is going to rain!


Get the clothes basket!

I am actually working and ……

I said get the clothes basket. I knew you would just let the rain fall on these clothes and that is why I came running. You….

Millz? Coud we go inside to discuss this?

No. You go inside and get the clothes basket, I will start unhanging clothes.

But I told you that I am wor…..

The rain is coming and will find you out here wasting time discussing things that could be over by now (Actual verbatim – Mvua inakuja na wewe uko hapa tuu kuwaste time ukiongea mambo zingekua zimeisha….)

I noticed the househelp who has previously been a recipient of this peeping out of their window

So I just went to get the clothes basket and endured a 10 minutes lesson on how to remove clothes from the hanging line.

I just love Millz.