Daily Archives: October 2, 2014

Breathe In, Breathe Out


I thought this was a hard week. Till the last 2 weeks happened. Life happened.

Just learning how to breathe in and breathe out.


Mrs. Adrian and I have decided to write a book. It is going to be a Christian romance novel. *smirk*

We just told Skinny and she asked whether Hipilicious would be involved. After we said no, she said, “Thank God! If she was involved it would have been full out porn….


God has been super awesome. I have never felt God’s presence as much as I have in these past weeks. He has been answering prayers on a real time basis. For real. As in even when I have requested for him to clear traffic so that I can get to some place in good time, He has answered. My God is AWESOME


Today at The Adrians

Mrs. Adrian: (Pointing at the telly) Is that Kim’s husband?

Skinny: No, that is not him. That is J.Lo’s ex, Puff Daddy

Is he the one who got shot many times and didn’t die?

No, that was 50 Cent

Is Kendra still…. 

People need to stop watching E! Entertainment in that house….