Daily Archives: October 13, 2014

I can tie my sandals!


So last Sunday I went hiking at Ngong Hills with some pals. I hadn’t done any form of exercise 3 weeks prior to that and I got so tired that I couldn’t drive back.

On the way back from the summit, I said hello to the ground, read, I did a split and sat on my leg on the way down. Adrenaline kept me going. Last week was horrible! I thought I had fractured my hip bone or something and when I went to the hospital, they said I hadn’t broken anything. But the pain!

I couldn’t stand up or sit down or move without making serious old man noises.

Today, one week later, I bent down and tied up my sandals. When I got up, I realised I had done it without looooong groans and agony.

God is good. The things we take for granted…….. like being able to kick a cat. 🙂