Last Year Like Now……


Last year like now……

…. We were at our annual family holiday. In Mzansi.

…. I proposed to the family that our trip in 2014 should be to India.

…. Hipilicious said, “I will only go if you pay my airfare. India? Never!”

…. Mrs. Adrian said, “Next year, sitoki Kenya!”

…. My biggest worry at that time was whether I would have saved enough to go to India by myself.

…. Little did I know that this year would be super DIFFERENT.

…. We had no idea that a carcinoid neuroendocrine tumour was slowly spreading it’s cells all over Mrs. Adrian’s body.

…. Hipilicious had no idea that she would be forced to go to India.

…. Mrs. Adrian would never have imagined that she would have to go to India for chemotherapy, bone strengthening and other sorts of treatment.

….. We didn’t know how blessed we were because when push has come to shove, God has proven Himself to be SUPER AMAZING.

…. I also didn’t know that Hipilicious can WRITE!!! The below is her piece. Copied WITHOUT permission

This journey has challenged me in many ways. I asked Mrs. A if she gets overwhelmed by the love and she gets balancing tears.

I keep asking myself. If I had an issue:

Would the church personally want to be part of my journey?

Would armies of people around the world feel the need to pray for me?

Would people who relate with my nuclear family feel the need to be part of my journey and support me financially?

Would someone who is struggling financially, spend their money to buy airtime and call me knowing fully well that the charges are ridiculous?

Other than my immediate family who would call to pray with me?

Who in my office would send a text saying they know it will be well?

Would my boss call to make me laugh and encourage me?

How many people have I influenced and would just want to see my face on Skype and confirm I am well?

Would people still give love donation three weeks after the initial call for help was made?

Would random people I have never met call me and tell me that theyv been praying for me and they now want to pray with me on phone?

Would my Pastor call me every single day seeking an update on my progress?

Will there be volunteers to extend an olive branch to me?

Will there be nights I am so low but God speaks so clearly to some people on exactly what they need to say to me and take me to the next level?

I often felt Mrs. A took care of other families….. I know see how much she was taking care of her family.


Mrs. Adrian with Hipilicious and Skinny, last year on this same date. We were walking to a mall for retail therapy

Mrs. Adrian with Hipilicious and Skinny, last year on this same date. We were walking to a mall for retail therapy


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  1. I’ve been reading your blog for sometime now, and now somewhat feel like I know you and your family through it… Just wanted to let you know your mom and your family are in my prayers. She will get through this, coming out stronger..The Lord only gives us what we can handle.

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