Update – 4th Nov 2014


1. Nas and I went on a 3.5km walk yesterday. And we were so tired, it was like we had never been this fit. Just imagine if we would have kept this up!

2. I have not even looked at my things to do before my next birthday. I have 4 months to go, on borrowed time since I should have completed that list this year! I need syke! BRRRR!!!!

3. I need to blog about “Katangi

4. Jumwa allowed me to accompany her to celebrate her 21st birthday in the wild. And for the most part, we talked about “Katangi”. And we had loads of fun just chilling, swimming, eating and talking. The pressure is real. I thought there was pressure when I turned 21? Nothing compares to this. I remember my 21st birthday. I was in campus. My pals cooked loads of mandazis. My mum cooked loads of pilau, chapati and fried meat and brought this all the way to campus. That morning, I went on a Redykulass shoot, awaiting my turn to act as Roosie Kefaki, something that actually DID NOT materialize….story for another day. And by the end of my birthday party, I was crying so hard because some dude had spoiled my music system and since he was a “baron” I had to apologise to him because I was upset with him. VERY. WEIRD. Still doesn’t compare to what Jumwa is going through. IMAGINE.

5. By the way, if you are over 30 and your aunties start asking about “kukula pilau”, don’t joke about it and say, “Please wait, unajua mtapanda ndege”. Because I did that and my uncle recently told me that he is applying for his passport so that he can be ready to travel. My cousin is getting married this weekend and I have seriously thought about inviting a stranger to go to the wedding with me. Not even as my date. Just as a random wedding guest. And if my relatives ask me who the dude is, I will just say the truth. “I really don’t know. I found him on the way here”. And the worst part is that no one would believe me. They would think that I am being coy….. I am laughing as I type this. But I am seriously considering it.

6. I got a Tecno phone. If anyone mentions this out loud, I will only state that it is a SERIOUS upgrade from the Ideos that I have had for over 4 years. Who wants a free Ideos?

7.  How fast do chicks grow into cockerels? I think the number of crows I hear have increased exponentially. I am not able to work from home in peace. It is so embarrassing. Woi. 8. Which sites can one visit to get a quick snapshot of what is happening in the world? Real news not Kim Kardashian wore this last night and Mariah Carey’s new boyfriend kind of stuff.


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