Daily Archives: December 9, 2014

Best Wedding EVER!!


My boys invited me to this wedding that they were going to perform at. I had no idea what to expect and I went with an open mind waiting for whatever.

When they picked me up, I saw that they were dressed to the nines and I was glad that I had made an effort and hadn’t reverted to the old Njenva who used to attend weddings in jeans and a t-shirt.

We got to the church at 11pm, the wedding was to start at 10am. We were late because they took forever selecting the drinking glasses that they wanted to give as a gift to the couple. I have never heard three teenagers discussing water glasses with so many pros and cons for each! Gift selected, wrapped and we were on our way to church.

There were less than 30 people at the church and the wedding ceremony started. As is now usual, the bridal party came in dancing – others dancing more than others – there was a girl who danced too slowly and when the person behind her complained, she reduced her pace even more! Anyway, once the entire bridal party was inside, the pastor prayed and informed the congregation that the 10 minutes praise and worship session would be led by none other than, the groom!

Dude sang for more than 30 minutes. And every single second of it was amazing. Ah! His best man followed him everywhere, wiping his brow, holding his microphone, etc – he couldn’t have gotten a better best man! And the bride? She danced her heart out. Yaani, I could see the joy shining through her veil.

The pastor preached for too long in my opinion because the actual vows were being exchanged at about 2pm. The groom cried after saying his vows. Aaaawww.

We then moved on to the reception area where three tents had been set up – one on each side of the high table. There was also a small cake area in the middle. We were less than 100 people and the ushers served food to everyone. As in no queues! The food was piled super high on the plates – chunks of fried beef, beans, chapati, pilau, fried vegetable rice and cabbage. The food was so tasty! I don’t think I have eaten better food at a wedding.

The company I got to hang out with during the reception was so nice. I got to sit with these two girls also from Kibera who are so hopeful about their future – I needed to put on my shades, their future outlook is too bright! I got to know so much about the group that my boys founded and the impact they are making to their community. I got really challenged about what I am doing to make other’s lives better. These kids barely have space to store their clothes but they are busy mobilizing other youth and giving them space to develop their talent and a safe space to discuss challenges.

The crew then perfomed two songs and two dances. I loved both songs. One is already recorded, you can check it out here. The other is not yet recorded but the hook is stuck in my head. It is titled A to B to C. The dances were also really cool. They danced to a ragga jam and then to a salsa song. Now the salsa dance. Woi. Woi. Woi. I kept on thinking that the pastors will go up to the front and tell them to sit down. So when they were done, the pastor called the leader and asked, “Hiyo dance ati ulisema inaitwa aje?”. The leader said, “Salsa.”. Pastor responded, “Asante. Sasa najua. Msiwahi fanya kama hiyo tena. Pastor wote tulikua tunasema “SHINDWE SHINDWE KATIKA JINA LA YESU!” ”

It is common knowledge that I attend weddings to eat cake. Unfortunately, I had to leave at about 5.30pm as I had a family meeting to attend. And by that time the cake hadn’t been cut. Sigh. So in my heart of hearts, I really didn’t attend that wedding……..