Daily Archives: January 15, 2015

I am not perfect!


People come up to me and say things like, “Oh, you must have your life all together”, “You are so perfect”, “How do you manage to keep everything so together”, etc. Yeah, I never EVER get to hear anyone say things like that to me. I guess my life being an open book is not such a great thing. I expose MOST of my flaws and defects and this, I think is different from the perfect world in which we portray on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Especially Instagram. #Iwokeuplikethis #nofilter and my personal favourite WORST (intentional oxymoron), #IthankGod or something like that. Using God to floss yourself.

As I was thinking about how imperfect my life was, I got reminded:

* No one else can burn boiled eggs like I do. As in seriously, you have to be pretty special to burn boiled eggs.

* I keep on leaving and going back to this. As we speak, I am in the thick of things, sorting out “niaje msupa” from “your face is kinda pretty” and “do you know that it reads on your profile that you are overweight?”. Why don’t I just learn my lesson and leave once and for all?

* I am an expert in putting my foot in my mouth. I have had a friend tell me, “now today, please don’t say XXXX in front of so and so”. But doesn’t that make me more endearing? 🙂

* Who else could live behind a church and attend church about once a month? Thank goodness for new beginnings, this year (2 Sundays so far!) I have made it my mission not to miss church.

* That my fashion “sense” is unique. It doesn’t matter that I endure guffaws from Skinny and Hipilicious when I meet up with them.

* My accent changes when I am talking to different people. Shrub and I shrub with you or even without you! Weng and my weng factor goes up. I was in denial for so long about this, I have just decided to accept the fact that I want to talk like the person talking to me.

I am not saying that I am exempt in using social media for flossing purposes. No. Quite the opposite. I think I just came to the realisation that what I put out there is so seriously sieved and edited to only put up words or images that show me in a certain light. If a photo makes me look like a hippo then it doesn’t go online, I don’t post photos of days when my lunch is composed of ugali and sukuma or I don’t check into Foursquare when I am in Kariobangi’s Soko Mjinga. By the way, I stopped updating my location on Foursquare and I closed my personal FB account. I will not try to keep up with the Joneses.

There is no one who is perfect and we should stop pressurizing ourselves to portray unrealistic images. If you were perfect, you wouldn’t be on earth. The only perfect people got whisked away from earth by God – Enoch and Elijah (Is there something about names that start with “E”!?). Since we are both still here, let’s just work on being good people and stop lying to each other that we don’t have any imperfections.