Hello from cold Portland!


It has been a whirlwind roller coaster month or so.

I divorced the LOFT. And with it, left Osumi and my neighbours. He still keeps calling to find out how I am doing. And updating me on the person who has moved into the former loft. Who is a white expatriate. He is very excited about that part. According to Osumi, they increase the value of the house. I didn’t feel like arguing with him about that part, what was he saying about me?

I have already started TDS assignments on my neighbours. I have this hot couple as one of my neighbours. They leave the house at 5am and come back before 3pm. And the couple of times I have observed them, the dude is swinging his car keys while the lady is carrying a vegetable. Due to the fact that she has been carrying the same vegetable every time, we will refer to them as “The Cabbages”.

I was in Addis for a week. And I really realised how much family/friends make a difference to any experience. It nearly turned out to be a very boring affair but the last two nights were awesome. Too sad that I signed a pact saying, “Whatever happens in Addis stays in Addis” otherwise, this page would be flaming red…..

Mrs. Adrian and Skinny came back from India. Chemotherapy didn’t work on Mrs. Adrian and some tumours had actually grown and others had developed. God directed us to doctors who could administer PRRT, which is super super expensive. If you know of any method that we can raise about USD 10,000 for each round of treatment every 3 months in this year, please do let me know. Cancer is EXPENSIVE. By all things coincidence and serendipity, Hipilicious changed Skinny and Mrs. Adrian’s travel date back to Kenya and since they were using Ethiopian Airlines with a connection in Addis, we JUST happened to take the same flight back to Nairobi. Serious coincidence I tell you.

I am currently in Portland. I have been here for just over 11 days, one more week here then I go to visit the city I have wanted to visit in a LONG time! I might just put up a picture of me and Waruguru while there. I am really enjoying my time in Portland. It is cold but not as cold as it was last time or as it will be where I am going next. It has been great connecting with my colleagues and I haven’t been through any of this nonsense. I have actually experienced a lot of God’s love. From random strangers, the church I went to (I will write about this church!) and the hotel I am staying at.

People will be celebrating St. Patrick’s here and I have gotten myself a green sweater and green shoes. I also know that people will be going to pubs to drink loads of green beer. Maybe I will do my laundry then…..

What have you been up to!?

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  1. Osumi is a clown. The end!
    What have I been up to? Checking out planes landing and looking at diff Kermit photos. It hit me hard the other day…you kinda influence some actions in my life 😉

    • Hahahahaha. You were staring at Kermit photos and at planes landing? I thought you decided that I would not influence you now that you are over 18. It seems that I need to take you for a walk to plant bubblegum wrappers……….

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