I am working late tonight. And remembered that I have a space to blog.

What is common office bathroom ettiquette? Does it mean that no one should ever go number 2 in there? Or does it mean that people can’t talk to each other when they are in there?

The traffic jam in this Nairobi!!! Waaa. I have managed to read 2 whole books while sitting in traffic just this week. It takes 2 hours to cover 8 kilometers between Safaricom House and Nyayo Stadium then 15 minutes from Nyayo Stadium to JKIA. Hipilicious and I believe it is sabotage by policemen who control traffic. How else do you explain it? I wish that one day they would let the traffic lights just do their work. And see how that will go – what is the worst that could happen anyway? Traffic jam?!

I just heard of someone who bought a Range Rover for Kshs. 18 million in cash. As in, they could have bought 25 of the car that I drive and they will still have cash left over to fill up all their tanks! Someone please direct me to where people get this amount of money without stealing, lying, harming the environment or hurting others. I would really want to know.

I got served by a really nice cashier at KCB Moi Avenue yesterday. She kept on referring to me by my Nguruvati name and smiling alot. God bless her, she made my traumatic experience of visiting a bank very enjoyable.

Speaking of Nguruvati people, they believe that my fiancee is from the States. So they have been getting their passports ready for the trip. And they keep on reminding me about it everytime they see me.

Enjoy my current favourite video: (Thanks Pastor Ng’ang’a)

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