On the ONE day…….


On the ONE day…..

* That I decide not to make my bed

* That I decide to leave my house without clearing the sink

* That I have my rubbish bin overflowing

* That I unpack my bag and leave all my clothes on the floor of my spare room

* That Millz decides that she feels her labour pains are upon her (a whole month early!) and she cannot visit my place to clean up

* That I throw my dirty shoes on my corridor thinking, Millz will just have to forgive me

* That there is so much traffic jam that the earliest I can leave the office is 10pm

…….. is the day Mrs. Adrian calls me to say that I should pass by her place, she is coming for a sleepover at my place.

*Thriller music playing in the background as a soundtrack to my life*

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    • Imagine!!! Thank God there was so much traffic I was actually picking her up at midnight so she didn’t get to see much…… By the time she woke up, everything had been sorted!!! 🙂

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