You never know…..


… that girl in your office who keeps on irritating you with questions will be the one to save your skin during the most important meeting of your career

… the three people you have openly bad mouthed in the past will be the ones to call you and comfort you during a very tough week

… the person you trust the most will be the one who draws the knife on you

… the changes you have made in your life to accommodate someone might help you but not keep the person you are changing for

… the things you are searching and looking for from so far away and paying so much for are right under your nose you just need to look down

… one word may just make a difference

… the person/thing you are holding most dear to your heart may just need to be thrown in the trash. In my case, it is chapatis

… God may be using you as an example

One of those random posts that is a real rambling about nothing in particular.


One response »

  1. No. This post is not rambling about nothing. All those points have struck a chord in me. Lots of garbage I need to throw out of my life?

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