Monthly Archives: September 2015

Moving Along Swiftly


Thanks for all your kind words/messages. RA will not define who I am, so moving along swiftly……

First, being part of the Nazi grammar police myself, I request for forgiveness. My last few blogs have had numerous spelling mistakes, missing words and sentences with direct translation from whichever language I was thinking in at the time of writing. I am sorry. But I will not go back to rectify the mistakes.

Second, it seems that TDS is recruiting for new workers! If you have worked as a snoop, if you have stalked or if you are nosier than Pinocchio (is that a pun!?) let me know. There’d be a need for demonstrable evidence.

I have so many stories about this place. Starting with kids that would be great actresses for Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Devils during the day and angels at night. Then a resident’s whatsapp group. Where the caretaker sends photos of the sewer when he has people cleaning it. And other residents start giving advise on where to obtain portions that can make one a herbivore. As in, portions that can make someone start eating grass like Nebuchadnezzar. And grown women with children typing things like “My dota fears animals 2 xana”

Then I finally got to go to India. I have been dreaming about India for like 3 years. I even had a Bollywood themed party sometime back. And I was in India for about 8 days, which felt like 5 hours. This is a blog post and a quarter by itself!

Then just between John Kerry and Barrack Obama visits, I got myself into a situation with a GSU officer. Near my most favourite place in Kenya.

Workwise, I now know that I am comfortable with the main man himself, our Regional Director. Because I now allow myself to unleash my real laughter on him – the famous basket laugh – and he hasn’t yet fainted or asked me to have Skype chats with him instead of face to face meetings.

I had a housewarming party. The first of four. Clearly, I love to party at my house.

I’ve interacted with a couple of clowns as well. As in why does God send me clowns and then sends Romeo to Juliet and Mickey to Minnie Mouse. Even mice are getting a break!

Plan is to take things slowly and blog as much as I can. Here goes NJENVA!