Signs of Fatigue

  1. Misplacing your phone, using another phone to call your phone, then finding your phone, picking it up and saying, “Hello”
  2. Sending CVs to your hiring manager for consideration, and his CV is in part of those you have sent.
  3. Getting into the shower then midway you remember that the reason you got into the bathroom was to brush your teeth, you had already showered.
  4. Driving and when you get to the parking lot then you remember that you moved house.
  5. Rocking your shaggy hair look because you can’t let the world know that you actually forgot to comb it.
  6. Reading a book then wondering why the main character’s name looks different. You are reading a different book.
  7. Calling someone then when they pick up the phone you ask them, “Why am I calling you?”
  8. Finding out that it is 10th December and you were to blog thrice a week since September.
  9. When climbing stairs you have to speak to your legs, “Right leg, now your turn. Left leg, woop woop going up!”
  10. Introducing yourself at a meeting, “Hi, my name is ________ (drat, what is my name!)”

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