Monthly Archives: January 2016

Luke 16:10


Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest/unjust with very little will also be dishonest/unjust with much.

We still have potholes and unfinished roads. We don’t even respect ambulances and other emergency vehicles on the roads anymore. “Kama ni siku ya yake imefika, hata tukikuachia upite……

We are spending crazy amounts of money for NOTHING. Much of this money has just been stolen. I don’t have to show any proof, just Google “Wheelbarrows in Kenya” or “Kirinyaga County Facebook page”

People are still dying on the roads because cops would rather gather money for shopping from traffic offenders than doing their actual job.

There is a huge population in Kenya that are not aware of what it feels like to have lights on in a house or how water can be coming out of a tap inside the house. These people have to walk for kilometers to get fresh water to drink.

We can’t afford and don’t have basic first aid kits in all hospitals/dispensaries/medical spots.

Nairobi (one of the largest cities in Africa) has no garbage collection system.

We  spend crazy man hours in traffic every single day. And have to pull over to the side to give politicians way through the traffic that we have been stuck in for hours.

We don’t have a trusted media house. A media house that has no bias towards any politician and that says the truth.

Everyone for himself, none for the other.

And now, we want to put up a nuclear power plant.

Dear Mr. President, or whoever it is that is running the country. 2 years later, same old story. But the problem has just gotten bigger.