I used to blog!


Clearly life has been busy. As it will always be so I should stop looking for excuses as to why I haven’t been blogging. I really miss putting down my thoughts on paper – albeit virtual – and I should really go back to doing this.

Hmmmm….what’s new?

Mrs. Adrian is so much better than she was last year. She is super looking forward to her annual holiday – she will get to enjoy herself for the first time in like 3 years. God is good. She sometimes has pain but is such a trooper.

Skinny quit her job and went back to school. I really have no idea what she is studying. I know it is something to do with water.

Hipilicious has lost so much weight and the funniest thing is that she has no idea how exactly that happened. So annoying.

Sippa got married! He actually did. Still shocked about that.

Now to my favourite topic! ME!

I still love my job. I’ve traveled so much and have mostly enjoyed the experiences. Two locations that stand out for me are Borno State in Nigeria and Lodwar in Kenya. I loved the food in Nigeria. Too too much. I got depressed that Lodwar is part of Kenya when the lives of people there are drastically different from other parts of Kenya.

I have discovered the Keto way of eating. Not for the faint hearted. But it really helps with RA pains and aches. I feel like a brand new person when I follow this plan to the “t”.

Books have been a distant memory in the recent past – I’ve been so busy that I have read one book in the last 3 months. ONE! Not something I should say out loud. While on the other hand, Mrs. Adrian sleeps past midnight because she is devouring book after book after book after book. Njenva needs to do better.

I went back to online dating. Not so much luck. International dating sites have one common problem. As long as you are a black female from Africa, you are either a gold digger (looking for a sponsor), you’d like to hook up with someone to get you a visa/work permit (via marriage or child!) OR you have HIV/AIDS. Someone actually said this to me, I shouldn’t have deleted that message. I left online dating, I got tired of sifting through this garbage.

Discovering the importance of family. And the fickleness of friendship. And the power of love.

That was random



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