Daily Archives: December 22, 2016

Mrs. Adrian Said…… Coke Studio!


So last night, the family was celebrating someone’s promotion. Usually, we go out for dinner and the person who got promoted treats the rest. This time it was different, we decided to order take out and have dinner at home. During dinner, we played a game “ask the person on your left a trivia question”.

This was interesting, we got to learn stuff like how Fanta was first discovered, how dogs sweat and how legalization of abortion has contributed to the decline of crime in America. Hipilicious schooled us about how people rioted in 1985 when Coke changed the Coca Cola recipe.

I don’t think Mrs. Adrian was really into the game because her questions included: why was Daniel thrown into the lion’s pit; how many legs do 10 chicken have and how many fingers are on a hand.

Anyway, it is usually fun to find out what she knows about popular culture and so questions to her were like who is Kim Kardashian’s husband (she got that) and which Kenyan artists have performed in Coke Studio (a show that none of us has watched).

Her responses to the Kenyan artists who have been on Coke Studio:

  • Chipukeezy
  • Ile gurupu…. Wale walioimba ….ah an bwaga-able. First of all, in clean Swahili and in Dzarigutareese, bwaga means dropping. So this made it super super hilarious, with chants of “You can’t bwaga me”. Gidi and Maji
  • Babake nani… Baba, baba…… ah! Ndugu yake Roughtone. As in Daddy Owen.
  • Bwanake (pointing to her armpits). Huh? Bwanake makwapa….. NAMELESS! In reference to Wahu’s Rexona gig.
  • Very confidently, Triza. Who is Triza? The one who lost weight. Huh? The one who sings with Wyre. That Triza. Nazizi you mean?
  • Then her final answer was Pilipili. And Skinny asked, “Who is Pilipili?” As in today’s youth don’t know who pilipili is!?