Daily Archives: December 23, 2016

Sweetie, He Is Not That Into You….


I am the master expert in love and matters of the heart.


Even with my stellar performance at failing in love, I think I know when he is not that into you……..


Njenva’s version of he is not that into you:

  • If he isn’t calling you. Texts don’t count. Yes, Whatsapp messages too.
  • If he isn’t telling you that he is into you. Stop building castles in the sky. If he hasn’t said it, it is not real.
  • If he lets you pay ALL the bills. If he is into you, he will make an effort to pay for the tip if he can’t afford to pay for the meal.
  • Especially if he sent you a please call me and when you called back, he asked you to send him airtime, which you did and then he didn’t call you after that, even to say thank you!
  • If he isn’t looking for reasons why you should hang out together. Going to the kiosk to buy milk and bread can be an event. He hasn’t suggested a meet up in a month? He isn’t that into you.
  • If all the talking that happens during your conversations is about football or his team or his car or his job or his…you get the drift.
  • If he forgets what you tell him about yourself. If two months later he asks for the nth time, “do you have a brother?”, yeah….sorry.
  • No good morning and good night? Sorry, he is asking someone else.

So have a good cry

Pick up the pieces and move on swiftly.