Daily Archives: December 28, 2016



I’m happy

What’s there to be happy about?

I’m alive

God loves me and has great plans for me

I’m not in as much pain 🙂

My nights are made of amazing dreams

My days are full of colour, and I’ll be dyeing my hair pink in 2 days

I’m meeting up with JINK in 20 minutes!

Was in Nguruvatiland over Christmas and I NEARLY got away without being asked about Nzempantia

The family is in Dzarigutaland and they seem to be having a blast….

I have read 5 books this December and I have loved the animations that came out this December – SING and Moana – I actually want to watch them again, who wants to go? There was this short film, Inner Workings (watch up to the 1 minute mark), this film showed before Moana and I LOVED it!!

Are you happy? Why or why not?