Daily Archives: January 16, 2017

Listening to my gut


Not like listening to my stomach rumbling or taking round oxygen or helium oxide or whatever it is that goes round and round in the stomach piping.

Rather listening to what your sixth sense tells you about a situation.

It has been really useful, to discern whether to stay or walk away. Whether to fight for something or whether to let it go.

I am learning to trust my gut.

So far it hasn’t let me down.

But I am wondering whether it is really my gut or it is the Holy Spirit whispering sweet somethings into my inner ear (located in my stomach).

Don’t ask for a day off, you’ll be done with your errand by 9am

Call that person now

Wait in town, your ride will be passing right in front of you

Bake that egg 1 more minute

So it isn’t about one sphere of life or about one certain topic.

Listening to God speak via my intestine.