Monthly Archives: February 2017

Ain’t God Good?!


I’ve been on a life roller coaster in the past 3 weeks. What.

My Boss was around and I did what I do  best. Over scheduling stuff. We were at an airport 9 days out of the 14 days that we got to hang out together. ,I unintentionally scheduled our flights either very early morning or at about 3pm so we had daily nap times. We looked forward to these. Yesterday,when I was setting my alarm, it indicated that I’d sleep for 8 hours and 21 minutes and that felt like I had gotten an early Christmas gift. I told JINK that if they looked at the dictionary, right next to the word “tired”, they’d find my face. But it was an amazing time, getting to see what our colleagues have been doing to help people facing conflict, poverty and natural disasters. Reminded me to be thankful for what I have. And made me even more proud of what I do. I might not be the best paid, but I am making an impact to the people who need help in this world. I took my boss to Dzariguta land and Nguruvati land during the weekends. She really enjoyed the warm ocean and beautiful landscapes offered by either location. She now understands where I got my crazy from. And I received an amazing review for my performance in 2016, all glory be to God!

One of the fun thing we did was have a pedi/mani party while in Juba, South Sudan. Very weird. And I got so tan, I keep on getting startled when I pass by a mirror. And keto was thrown out of the window for 2 weeks. So bloating/puffiness/inflammation/lethargy/headaches are back. Sigh.

During this same time, Mrs. Adrian also went back to India and this time her medical attendant was Skinny. And shock of all shocks. All the cancer in her bones is gone! There’s just a small spot left in her liver. We serve a miracle working God. WHAT! Still don’t know how to express myself with this amazing news.

I have the best people around me. May God bless all the people who went out of their way to help my Sylvia go to school. Our Dzariguta land girl got admitted to a national school. This is what legends are made of.

God has been really good to me.