Daily Archives: March 6, 2017

Kenyan Dudes, Style Up!


I know I have looked at the lighter side of this.


It is so tiring dealing with the multitude of Kenyan douche bags in this our Nairobi. For real. What has happened to this generation of “men”? Specifically talking about people younger than 40 years today. In my opinion, something happened in/after 1977. The only major occurrence I can think of is that the Moi era begun in 1978, I don’t know if there is a connection? When did the girl child movement start? Whichever way, I feel like there is a chronic problem.

  • Men who behave like babies. And expect the women to be the ones to clean after them, wipe their tears and take care of them – emotionally, physically and especially financially.
  • Lack of responsibility and accountability, always finding someone/something else that should have been responsible and not them.
  • YOLO madness – no future planning, hand to mouth living so that in case something doesn’t go according to plan then they get suicidal because the emergency doesn’t fit into the YOLO lifestyle.
  • Male prostitutes that don’t parade themselves at K-Street or near Yaya or Chiromo. They are boyfriends, brothers, husbands that are whoring themselves to multiple women with no shame. And then they dare point fingers at the ladies of the night, hating that the women get to be paid for their chosen profession…
  • No values system, the stupid ability of being able to swing to whichever directions your boys are taking on a particular day. Not having standards or guidelines with which to live your life. Atheist one day, Buddhist on another. Use. Your. Brain.

It must be really sad to be a parent to one of these. Or a wife. Or girlfriend. My condolences.

There is this false idea that these online dating apps give us, that you have an infinite potential of a number of people, a pool of people waiting for you when you get home for you to swipe left or right on your phone as soon as you get home again. This is insidious and it works on you on an unconscious way….. This can’t be good. We are collecting baseball cards of each other online” – Groomzilla, Craig Bridger.