Re-Calibrating… Re-Calculating…Re-Formatting



Don’t give a hoot

I’ve been caring too much what people will think, what they will say and how they will perceive my words and actions. It’s over. Say what you want, think what you want – just don’t cross me. The gloves are off. I am done being nice.

Changing code when I want (Thanks for the terminology KYS)

I will shrub and tweng whenever I want. I will use multiple accents to get my point across. It makes me happy. If you can’t understand me, let me know and I’ll use a different accent. I’ll stop being embarrassed that I said “bedder” instead of “better” and not cringe when I say “hemlet” instead of “helmet” or “dayagonaiz” instead of “diagnose”

Stop living the chicken life 

I received feedback that I was living a chicken’s life. Being so scared of heights, darkness, buses, etc. After a quick evaluation, I realised that it was true! Well, that’s over. I am taking my confidence back and trading in my chicken liver and heart! I will climb mountains, sleep in the dark and take buses! Even if I faint, I will come to afterwards. But I will have taken the plunge. Same goes to that dude that treats me like a DUFF in some group that we both belong to. I’m coming for you. This ostrich is back to life.

Explaining myself

Issover! I am not explaining why Mrs. Adrian is doing what she is doing or why I am going where I am going or why I don’t like you and your drama. I will not. I am going to live my life and not explain it away.

Embracing Njenva as she is

I love Jesus. I am an introvert. I like walking. I love reading. If I could, I’d cook meals for my pals every Friday and Saturday.  I sometimes say the weirdest stuff (not as weird as Gupta, “why do men have nipples?”) . I don’t like taking baths or showers and I do it because Mrs. Adrian might just call to ask whether I took a shower and really, what 30something year old wants to answer that question with a “no”. I cry easily. I don’t know how to manage my finances. I am still learning how to make my bed every single day. I use bad words in my head – I recently insulted a dude with such filthy language that I have decided to replace the words in my heads with unicorns and cute puppies. Either way, I love me. And I’ll do me. No more pretending and trying to be what I am not.

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  1. Whoop whoop! Go Njenva, do you. Because when it comes down to it, it’s just you. The one you can count on and lean on and depend on. It has to be you.

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