Daily Archives: February 13, 2018



It is now or never!

It is February 13th and some Kenyans will get to see Black Panther today. I am not one of them. I usually don’t mind movie spoilers but I do not want to see any spoilers. I have watched only one trailer since I don’t want to have expectations that will not be met.

Hipilicious is hoping that Black Panther will fail. I think she says this all the time to hurt my feelings. I know she can’t wait to see it either. I’m not having the Wakanda party since I am broke and I don’t know what my emotional state will be after watching the movie. I hope I don’t end up crying. But I can already tell that I’ll have a major headache from this film.

This will be a very different Valentines day week. Compared to the one I had envisioned for the future and the one in 1998 when I went to watch I Know What You Did Last Summer with my primary school friends.