Daily Archives: March 22, 2018

Millz Tha Boss – Peanut


I was to host my book club last week but since rains wrecked havoc in this our Nairobi, it was postponed to this week.

Millz Tha Boss had already made the most amazing chapatis in preparation for that. As usual. So these were distributed to others, namely Jumwa and Hipilicious.

I requested Millz to make more chapatis since the book club dinner will require that. And she told me that I needed to buy Blueband for the chapatis since Cowboy wasn’t enough. I told her not to use Blueband (eeewww) and just make them with Cowboy only.

She said it was fine, she was just going to use peanut.


Yes, you have peanut in your fridge

Oh! The peanut paste for cooking!

I know it is expensive so I’ll just use a bit like I did last week

Ok. (Though I really don’t think that the chapatais last week had peanuts…..)

I’ll just cut off a bit, Millz says, showing me the box of butter.

So anything that you put on bread that isn’t Blueband, is peanut.