Monthly Archives: October 2018

Thanks for the hair!


Dear my Dzariguta people,

I would like to thank you very much for the gift of hair.

I know I have made fun of you before, where I have said that your hair and that of the prehistoric man are not different.

I have even said that many of you have to shave between your eyebrows and hairline so that people can distinguish between your hair and eyebrows.

But I now see that I was taking this gift for granted. Braids have taken a toll on my hairline and now I realize what magnitude of gift I had. When I had long permed hair, people asked me whether I was wearing a weave. When I cut my hair, people asked me where I bought my wig. I now have natural hair and people are asking me what braids I have used when I just twist my hair. I am going to take these as positive compliments, that the hair looks so nice that it must be unreal and not the other side that I will not even write out.

So, yeah, thanks for the hairline and healthy hair.



P.S. You shouldn’t have given Skinny all that hair though. Not many salons are happy to see her and the amount of hair she has isn’t proportional to her size!