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Why are you here?


Skinny wrote a thing…..


So many conversations, so many stories, so many observations in the past few months have led to this question… Why are you here? What exactly are you doing here?

When I write here, I’m talking about all the countries that you’ve listed on your website… The countries that you say you work in. The countries represented with pictures of poor dirty children with runny noses and  flies on their faces… Countries in Africa, South America, Asia… The global south…

Recently while talking to a community leader from a local informal settlement, I asked her how she felt about all the organisations and the researchers that visit the community… I asked her whether there had been any difference after the organisations that had come to ‘help’ or ‘build the capacity’ of the community, left. She said that many people come and go. A majority come with promises or train the community…

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