For sure!!!!!


I have always toyed with the idea of owning my company, being CEO, running the show and making tough decisions.

This past month has taught me that being a leader is no easy feat, for sure!!!

My organisation has been going through dramatic and one might say, traumatic changes, and I’ve been privileged to sit with the bigwigs in the planning and implementation of crisis and change management initiatives. It is not easy.

Making changes that affect people’s livelihoods, keeping information private and not even being able to discuss it with a significant other and just planning a future for a company while working on a day to day job is hard!!!

I applaud all y’all CEOs, MDs, Country Leads, Domestic Managers, leaders, etc that make these hard decisions and still keep a level head. I have overeaten every single day of this change management process, I have been trying to write one job description for 5 days and I forgot where the bathroom was in my own house. Not everyone can thrive in these senior level roles. Especially not me, I just realized.

I realize I am happy in the background, running errands, getting small things that add to the big picture done and generally not being responsible for the livelihood of people. Does that make me one of those people without ambition? I really don’t care, for sure!!!

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