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Theme Parks – Part 1


Do you guys remember the original Luna Park at the Railways Club? It was built at around the same time that culotte pants and high top sneakers worn together were last in fashion. As in a long time ago. Kids from school would visit the theme park over the weekend and we’d hear stories about the merry go round, bumper cars, candy floss etc but we were not allowed to visit Luna Park. Who was going to take us, what with Mrs. Adrian going to church every Saturday to cook for wedding parties (imagine, she used to do this for free and her pilau is FIRE!) and where was the money to waste on a theme park visit? 

This was until Uncle M came to live with us and we convinced him to take us to Luna Park! We got our Domestic Manager (DM) to take us to Gikosh to buy the latest clothes (read, culotte pants) and paired these with borrowed high top sneakers for our trip to Luna Park. We had lunch (I remember what we had for lunch, I’ll tell you how…) and got into Uncle M’s car and drove to Luna Park. We were so excited. OMG. As soon as we got there, Hipilicious, the DM and I decided to start our experience with getting on the banana boat. We didn’t know how crazy that ride was. Our househelp was so freaked out she started praying loudly and then it escalated to screaming in tongues. Like she was in a trance. She was so loud that Skinny (who was less than 9 at that time) went to the operator and asked him to stop the ride. Of course they didn’t stop the ride. As soon as we got off the ride, we realised how much of a ruckus we had made since everyone was staring at us. And our DM showed everyone what we had eaten for lunch – rice and minced beef. She puked her guts out like she had a case of severe food poisoning. Thank God she didn’t puke while on the ride, because I saw that happen once to a dude who was on a first date with a girl who he puked on….. Anyway, we left the DM lying on the grass and we continued to enjoy the rest of the rides. And that was how I got hooked to theme parks!

I don’t know what it is about theme parks that I really enjoy. I am scared of heights but I muster enough courage to get on rides – then I feel so much exhilaration and fear at the same time. I am always one of the loud people on terrifying rides but even I shocked myself at how much I cursed when I was on a really scary ride with Khairun at Isfanbul. I have convinced people that don’t really care about theme parks to spend a whole day at a theme park and they have had the time of their lives! I have gone to theme parks by myself while on solo trips and gotten to learn the lesson that it is better to go to a fair alone than to go alone to a full blown theme park – a fair might have better solo activities than a theme park. 

How did I start thinking about theme parks this week? Hipilicious and Skinny remembered a story I had told them of me convincing some colleagues to get into a theme park….. I have been to theme parks in Joberg, Capetown, Nairobi, Mombasa, Atlanta, Paris, Las Vegas, Istanbul, London and Portland. But the theme park that nearly killed me was in Dar. And I have to gather enough courage to document that escapade.