Lock Down Musings: Things I Miss That I Didn’t Even Like!


I just realized that due to the lock down situation, there are some things I really miss that I had no time for before.

  1. Rolex from the Rolex guy who sells them near my place at about Kes. 50. I bought this just once then I became bougie and only ate gourmet rolex from Roll Gourmet who sell my favourite at about Kes. 600 (comes with fries and salad). Yaani, I can just picture his smoking pan and the pile of chapatis waiting to be converted into rolexes….
  2. Hanging out with friends. I really took this for granted. As an introvert, I am more inclined to stay at home rather than leave the house for any reason at all. I once stayed in the house for 2 weeks without leaving my door. I only realized that I had not left the house for that long when I found that my car battery had died. I now want to leave the house and see my friends. All of them!
  3. Seeing more of Uganda. I have lived in Kampala for nearly 2 years now. Every chance I get to leave Kampala, I head out to my favourite spot in Uganda, Jinja. The source of the Nile, Lake Victoria, quiet town and the fact that I found an amazing place to stay at means that I am rarely tempted to go to any other location. I have been to other places but 90% of the time I head out to Jinja. I am now musing over the other amazing locations that I could have gone to. Kapchorwa, Lake Sipi, Queen Elizabeth Game Park, Kyaninga, etc.
  4. Japan and China. I don’t know why watching all these gadget videos of things made in Japan and China makes me want to really visit these two countries so much. I had never had feelings for these countries, they were not on my bucket list, not on my priority and now all I think about is Japan and China plus the fold-able table that can be converted to a bed and can also be a chair…..
  5. Suits and high heels. People who know me well will find this funny. My daily uniform is tights, a top and sneakers. Now that I can wear what I want in the house, I wish I had suits and high heels. I don’t even think I have a real pair of office heels, I will have to check when I get back to my house. (Getting back to my house is a story for another day) But I really wish I could wear a pair of heels and a suit. By the way, I am sure that I don’t own an official suit. I don’t know why this has become important to me all of a sudden.

I thought I’d miss travelling, going to the movies, swimming, having my nails and hair done and airport lounges. I really don’t. And it’s shocking. Who am I?

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