Sim simma, who got the keys to Beenie Man’s Beamer? The only reason I used that line is so that I could also use WHO AM I?

Milk, avocados, pumpkins, newspapers, high heels, soap, clubs and R.Kelly are some things that I can do without for the rest of my life.  A belief that I hold dear is that if one’s room and space is always spotlessly clean, well arranged and clutter less then that person doesn’t have a life worth talking about.

I am a born again Christian and have no apologies to make about this. I am the eldest daughter to Mrs. Adrian and I am struggling with the term “Millennial”; I’d rather say that I am at the top end of Gen Y. You can call me Njenva. My family is hilarious. I have one VERY funny sister (a.k.a. Skinny), a HILARIOUS mother (a.k.a. Mrs. Adrian) and one sister who thinks she is funny (Hipilicious). I love these guys.  I have had quite a bit of déjà vu moments in my life. I knew that my dad had died even before my mum told us. I actually told my sister before the news was broken to us and she got really upset with me…..maybe she thinks I killed him!

I have no taste / sense WHATSOEVER in fashion and dressing. I wear what is comfortable, including socks with sandals. I am a fattie, go figure the Amazon Warrior clues.

I like writing random stuff about nothing in particular. One may call it Njenva’s Ramblings…… I have no particular line of thought in my writing. The intention is to write when I can. I will write about anything: Life, Toilets, Toothbrushes, Death, Music, Family, Travel, Friends, Nairobi, Kenya and anything else I remember.

DISCLAIMER: Unless a post is tagged as fiction, it is a true account of an event that happened to me or to someone I know. And it is also my version of the story so of course I will tell it as I saw it! 🙂

Please share with your friends if you enjoy reading my posts. I would also love to read your comments, please let me know what you think about the blog.

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  1. Hahaha!!!! Who’s got the keys to my beamer! LOOOL! I remember that song!

    I like you Jen. You are true to yourself and you’re blessed. Can’t wait to hear more from you in this blog. 🙂

    By the way for real I laughed when I was reading this. Especially about the story about socks and sandals.
    By they way, you are awesome.

    • BTW, that’s a true story! I should post the pic here. My sisters took evidence. But the picture is a bit hazy coz they were kinda doubled up in laughter!

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