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1 Thessalonians 4:11-12


Mind Your Business. A very common phrase/phrase/phenomenon that is really┬áreally really hard for me to do. What with TDS and being an all round snoop. I was taking a walk at the Arboretum with Skinny and when we passed a couple of people deep in discussion, she asked me what they had said. When I mentioned that I hadn’t heard what they had said she was shocked that I wasn’t eavesdropping. Which it seems I am an expert at.

I am learning to mind my own business. It is a very hard lesson to do. Because I always want to know, even if the information is useless, like there is a political reason as to why the loaf of bread in Kenya got reduced from 500gms to 400gms and when the information will not be used by anyone else, like why did my next door neighbour kick out her boyfriend….I just want to know. Curiosity killed the cat – I don’t want to die but I am curious as heck. And I want to find out more. All the time.

My pal got upset with me because I was poking my nose into her business. As in, what are friends for if they can’t poke their noses into your business? I got saddled with too much baggage when I asked someone in the office how they were doing. And Mrs. Adrian tells me I should stop asking too many questions. I sometimes feel that if I float out of my body and count how many “Why’s” I ask during a conversation, I might want to ask, “Why do you ask so many questions?!”

My devotional last week reminded me to mind my own business. It is hard. But I will try. Sigh. But why should I mind my own business!?