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Dear: Farmer Neighbour


Dear Farmer Neighbour,

I guess it is not a bad thing that you were raised in a farm. I also guess it is not a bad thing that you’d like to recreate your childhood memories.

It started with having many cats. Aaaaawwww, how cute.

Then you moved on to a couple of dogs. Nice! Improves our security situation I guess.

Now you have chickens and cockerels. (Things that make for a nightmare for former IO, now IM) Not so cool. It is not fun conducting online interviews with the background noise of a cockerel announcing the time. It distracts me and confuses the interviewee. It also makes me look unprofessional. Which I am not! The only way to silence your chickens is to have them in a pot. I will be getting in touch with Osumi to hatch a plan, pun intended.

You have been warned. Eat those chickens or else…..

Frustrated Recruiter.