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I wonder how busy I am that I haven’t posted in ages. I don’t have to wonder, I can just look at my eyebags and know.

Waaaa. So I got some scoop on Katangi! He was raised by wolves. Just kidding. For close to 4 years, he lived in a village where the most educated people spoke Swahili so that is how he got to learn how to converse Swahili like a local. Also, someone must have hurt him during his holidays because he is about to morph into Mr. Paperbags. I can just see the signs – of course by peeping through my window……

My boss was around last week. It was her first time in Kenya. It was fun hanging out with her. But I got tired! Woi. As in so tired, I am still recovering. I had to wake up earlier than usual and be in the office by 9am and then my brain couldn’t allow me to sleep earlier than 2am.

I am officially moving to my new place!! Excitement galore. I am planning to move in February even though everything is not yet done. I might live like a camper for a month or two but I will have moved on to the next phase of my life. On to new areas to practice TDS activities! I can’t wait.

My grandfather was right. Just because a man says he is a Christian and goes to church and is part of the leadership there doesn’t mean that he really loves and fears God. A man who loves and fears God doesn’t have to say it. Lesson well learnt.

It has been a hard lesson for me about friends and seasons. That some are there for a season and others are for a reason – pity we don’t always get to chose who moves on and who stays.

Mrs. Adrian is gearing up to go back to India. Pray with us that we get enough finances to cover the entire trip, that Skinny will be a great support to her while there and that we receive a great report on Mrs. Adrian’s health.