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Strangers in the Loft…..


So my cleaning lady (Millz) gave birth to a cute baby boy (who looks like a girl) the day after she cleaned my house. That really freaked me out. What if she had given birth in my house? Would she have been able to take care of two people – herself for the birth and me for the fainting episodes I would be having?

I went to visit the baby and I thank God that I had warned her in advance that I don’t carry babies. I just don’t. So she put him on the bed and I stared at him for quite a while.

Then the visitors started streaming in. Her hubby’s relatives, her friends from church and their neighbours.

One lady looked at me and asked, “Uko kwa tv?” I burst out laughing. No, I am not on tv.

How do you know Millz?

I am her friend.


Another lady walked in and said hello to everyone and then when she got to me, “Sasa!!! Siku mob!” I don’t know her. I just smiled and asked her where we knew each other from. She became weird and mumbled something….

Anyway, Millz who had gone to get more plates to serve food came back and found her friends chatting away with me. Then she said, ‘Oh, this is Njenva!

NJENVA!? NJENVA? I got hugs. From strangers.

Okay, what is going on?

I thought you were bigger!?”

Kuna picha yako una kaa supuu

You have long hair?

I love your house

WHAT!? You love my house, you have seen my photo, what…?

Oh, these are the girls that I come with to your house. So when I couldn’t bend too much I would ask one of them to take me to your place and they enjoyed cleaning your house.”

How many girls have been to my house!? Now I understood why they thought I was a familiar face.  Imagine walking on the streets and people know who you are, where you live, how dirty your house can get and you have no idea!