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Designing Clothes Makes Mo Happy!


My colleague Mo has a passion for drawing and designing clothes. During meetings, it is quite normal to see her with colouring pencils and pens, designing clothes and stuff. Designing stuff just makes her happy.

Below is a shot of one side of her desk:

Mo’s desk……

Many people visit our office and pass her desk and wonder, ‘Uh, who sits here?

So when I was collecting posts on happiness, there was no way she was going to write so below are clothing designs she drew in less than 30 minutes.


Dress 1 – The shaded areas are supposed to be blue…

Dress 2 – This is the dress I would most likely see Mo wearing…..

Dress 3 – Mo’s favourite from this ‘collection’….

Dress 4 – Mo’s ‘Party’ Dress

Dress 5 – A small dress…….