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How much do you want it?


“As much as I want to breathe”

Eric Thomas was my go to running mate when I had decided that I was going to be an athlete. He has some really inspiring speeches laid on some interesting soundtracks that make you run (or in my case, crawl) faster than you thought you ever could. Some of his teachings led to a lifestyle change and even though I no longer wake up at 6am, I make my bed 93% of the time. Yes, I counted. I make my bed at least 13 days in a 14 days stretch….

Yesterday when I went for my evening walk, I realized (yet again!) that it wasn’t really easy to breathe when wearing a mask and also while going uphill. It wasn’t easy but it was do-able. I started plotting an easier route for my walk today but it would also mean that the workout wouldn’t be as intense. And Eric Thomas’ question, “How much do you want it?” popped into my head.

If I have goals that I want to achieve, I’ll only give 110% to those goals that I’d want as much as I want to breathe. Not saying that I should put myself in dangerous situations and for example wear a N95 mask for a marathon. But it means not always taking the easy way out of tougher than normal situations.

How much do you want it?