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Killing Me!


This American accent is killing me. Really.

I have to take part in very many team meetings over the phone / Skype and it has been a challenge in understanding the American accent. I had always thought that I was on top of the game in regards to the American accent but not so good with the British accent.


Woi. During a team meeting, the President asked, ‘Njenva, xugadjakldjfa dhfjahfjd what are you doing?

Njenva, ‘I am listening to you speaking

President, ‘What are you doing in terms of work, what assignments are you on?


Okay, I am on……..

Great, so what the aauwiprihjskfjdslafds in Kenya?

It is HOT!

Oh, okay. But what is the time in Kenya?


I need ears that can process this accent faster – otherwise, I will end up looking like a blonde.