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Very Happy Holidays!


Happy 2014!! It is a new year. Woohoo. New things, new everything. I am quite excited at the thought of this year. I don’t have too many plans but I am very hopeful…..my heads in the clouds, wearing rose tinted glasses kind of hopeful.

I had the best Christmas ever. I had loads of laughs with my family. Since Mrs. Adrian had just been discharged from hospital, we didn’t travel to the sticks. Thank goodness because I was working for most of the holiday time. So we got someone to cook for us and following Skinny’s command, we all dressed up in greens and reds. ¬†Together with our cousins and nephew, we went ahead to have a grand time. We blew soap bubbles till we ran out of oxygen. We danced to the Pitch Perfect soundtrack and then we created our own dance routines. And ate a lot!!! We also thanked God for providing us another opportunity to live and see another Christmas. I really enjoyed myself.

A highlight from Christmas was how I decided to go ‘green’ with the gifts I gave. I decided to recycle items from the Loft that I have received from different people and haven’t used or items that I have bought for myself that I no longer use. The opening of these particular gifts was just hilarious. The looks on the faces of the recipients who were aware of where these gifts had been before was just priceless. Like when Mrs. Adrian received a laptop bag whose zip kept on jamming or when Hipilicious received a box of Ouma or when Skinny received a pair of hotel slippers…. Skinny started screaming when one of my cousins was opening my gift to her because she saw a teddy bear that she is convinced is hers (if it was, what was it doing at the Loft) being given to someone else. Mrs. Adrian called me aside to ask whether I was facing financial difficulties……

On New Year’s day we took Hipilicious to Karura forest so that we could celebrate her birthday by playing games that were last played on this day. I am still suffering from playing kati, bladda, see-saw swinging and skipping. For the life of me, I don’t know why my neck is killing me even though I can’t remember doing any headstands!!!

Let us have an amazing and magical 2014.