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Saturday a.k.a. Stroke-Day. Part 2


Aga Khan Hospital, here we come. When I realized that my body was going numb, I guess my mind also went blank. I was so confused! I can’t clearly remember what happened or how we agreed that Faiyo – she with the world famous road rage – would drive me to hospital while IO was to follow us there.

Njenva, what are you doing?

Googling something

What are you Googling?

Symptoms of a stroke

Stop it!

By the way, my left leg is now becoming numb too……

We are already on the way to the hospital, stop worrying…..

A few minutes later we were at the Aga Khan parking lot where Faiyo dropped me next to the entrance. I rush to the reception.¬†Emergency Services? Use the other door. I went to the other door and asked the same question. Where is the patient? It’s me. Okay, go look for a nurse I found some random person who asked the same question, Where is the patient? This person helped me look for an empty examination room and told me to sit on the bed.

I didn’t wait for more than 2 minutes. When the nurse came in and asked what the emergency was, I told him I think I am getting a stroke! And he said ‘Aaaaawww‘ . I repeated the Aaaaawwww and told him, my left side is numb, I can’t feel my left side and I have this blinding headache just behind my left eye. He now became quite serious and ran out of the examination room, returning a few seconds later with some gadget whose electric socket he couldn’t find…… When did this numbness start? I checked my phone, I sent the text to Hipilicious….. WHAT. Just 25 minutes ago?! And see how my life has taken a different direction in 25 minutes! He checked my heart beat, fast but okay. Do you have a history of blood pressure? No. We can’t detect your pressure, this could mean that it is very high or too low.

And in bursts Hipilicious. What’s going on? My left side is numb! What did you do? I had brunch. Nurse goes to get the doctor. And that’s when I realize that I am about to die. And I start crying. Hot tears. Are you in pain? Not really. What’s wrong? I can’t feel the tears on my left side! So why are you crying? (When Hipilicious asked that question, I realized that I had moved away from home 3 years ago because she had forgotten that I don’t need a reason to cry……..) Are you scared? BULLSEYE!!!! More tear works. She was saying some reassuring things I guess but I didn’t hear because I was crying and I was too focused on what photo they were going to select for my obituary.

Doctor walks in. He finds me crying and totally ignored that story. He started his examination and I guess Hipilicious decided that they were too slow so she hit me on the leg with her finger and asked, Can you feel that? After about 5 minutes of the doctor playing a very humorous 21 questions, he comes to this conclusion. Classic migraine affecting brain blood vessels causing numbness to one side of the body. Believe me, that is an ultra simplification of what he said because even before he was done talking, Hipilicious told him, Please repeat what you said in very plain English. His phone rings and he walks out to receive the call as he instructs the nurse and one of the words he uses is injection. SIGH. (NAS, BITE ME! )

After negotiating with the nurse over where to inject me, he and Hipilicious win the argument and my thigh is put up for sacrifice. The doctor comes back and answers all questions that Hipilicious asks him. At this point I am wondering where IO and Faiyo are and I get my phone to call them. All of a sudden I hear, Get off Facebook! I guess the doctor wasn’t happy that I wasn’t listening to him droning on about what I was dying from and when Hipilicious snatched away my phone, I realized, the two of them were perfect for each other! Is he married?

I refuse to digress. So I got medicines and I got to rest in the hospital for quite a bit. By Tuesday, the numbness was gone and yesterday was okay, only that I still have a headache when there’s too much light.

Lessons Learnt?

1. Thank God every day you wake up and every night you go to sleep. You never know which will be your last

2. Humour can save a dying person. When the doctor cracked a joke and winked at me, I realized that there was hope. You don’t wink at dying people, right?

3. You need friends who can take action and if possible, you need friends who can carry you! IO and Faiyo took action very fast but sadly, if I had happened to fall….

4. If you don’t take yourself to emergency, no one will speed up the queue for you. You need to take action yourself.

5. Aga Khan Hospital has redeemed itself. The services I received on that day were exemplary and I am eternally grateful.