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Hanging Lines


So my neighbour C is worrying me. And the entire Derrick Society at large.

Osumi has ensured that every resident of his building has perfected the practice of closing the gate when coming in and when going out even when you need to use the same gate 1 minute later. One must close the gate. The padlock used is very complicated and Osumi’s reasoning is ‘If thieves decided to break in, by the time they figure out the workings of the padlock, I will have caught up with them‘. Should I also mention that we actually have 2 main gates? Miss P and I share one gate while C has the key to the other gate.

We have an interesting unspoken understanding regarding the use of hanging lines. My clothes are hung out to dry on Thursdays, Miss P’s on Saturday and C’s clothes are done on Monday. Of late, I have noticed that a new set of clothes from C’s house – I can tell that they are from his house, Miss P’s clothes are a bit trendier….. – are on the hanging lines on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Wow. For a guy whose clothes consist mostly of boxer shorts, I feel that that there is too much laundry being hung out to dry. Forgive my sensitive nose, but the clothes hung on the abnormal days smell kinda funky. Even if they have already been washed.

I was kinda confused. What could be happening? Till I noticed that there was another vehicle parked at C’s parking for most of the day. Then when he came back in the evening, he would have to park his car somewhere else. I decided to do what we call in DS, ‘ darkness vigil‘ which basically means not closing the curtains at night, sitting by the window and observing your neighbours in the darkness. And placing your cell phones far away from you because they might ring at the wrong time, light up and alert your ‘suspect‘ of your extra curricular 🙂 activities.

From a few days of observation, I noted the following:

1. C’s girlfriend no longer visits him

2. There are about 4 dudes who come in and out of his house and to the best of my observation, they all sleep in C’s house

3. There is a lady who cleans their clothes – I have never seen her leave the house. I have also seen her serving them food

4. Two of the dudes who are frequent frienbours (friends/neighbours) have very similar physical characteristics to C. I even think I may have ignored one of them mistakenly, thinking that it was C!

5. On some mornings, they (4 dudes plus C) all leave the house at the same time in one car but I have never seen them coming back home together.

6. They always leave their gate open. Which is a major security concern – anyone can just walk in. This fact was actually discovered by Hipilicious and Skinny who find the act of opening my gate very tedious.

7. Osumi keeps on putting up a ‘House for Rent‘ sign and then putting it down. Like twice a week. He has resorted to hanging it with a piece of thread and when the trigger happens – I don’t know what that is yet – he just turns the board to the side showing that there is a house available for rent.

So the questions I still have and need to conduct further investigations to conclude the matter are:

1. Who are those dudes that now live with C?

2. C lives in a 2 bedroom apartment. Where do they all sleep?

3. And their cleaning lady? Why doesn’t she wash the other dudes’ clothes well? Where does she sleep?!

4. Why do they leave their gate open?

5. Is OSUMI trying to get rid of C as a tenant?

6. Why do they – FAILING TO CONCEAL THEMSELVES (they should pick a leaf from me!) – peep through their curtains when someone opens the gate?

I have my work cut out for me!