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And The Earth is Still Rotating on It’s Axis – Part 2


So it seems that I was the weakest link on that health chain. Since I couldn’t walk and I had spoken to IMO and her hubby the day before, it became increasingly important for me to go to the hospital. We got to Aga Khan Hospital in Mombasa at about 11am and the process to see a doctor was pretty slow considering that there were very few patients. And that is one of the two complaints I have about that hospital.

The nurse at the triage asked me to explain what the problem was, “Why are you limping?”. And I explained how the past few hours had been. She started doing calculations of how long I had been airborne and I was happy that when she weighed me I had only added two kilos from the Portland trip. She referred me to a doctor who looked like Skinny’s classmate – he was so young and hip. So I started the whole story from the top. Then he called another doctor and he rephrased my story while asking me to fill in blanks where he wasn’t sure. Then they stepped out of the cubicle and had a discussion then came in to say that they would like me to take some blood tests, they suspected DVT and wanted to rule it out. So I went to the lab, where I met an amazing lab guy who was so easy! I even got to request him to speed up my test so that I can head to Diani. He asked me whether I knew what test I was doing because it was highly unlikely that I was going to be going to Diani! So we joked about how he was going to stay at the hospital and I was going to leave him and have my holiday. Then I went out to wait for the results.

I was also asked to do a Doppler ultrasound of my feet but when I limped ALL the way to the radiology section, I was promptly informed that the only radiologist at the hospital was away at a conference and that he would be coming back on Monday. And it was Saturday. Okay. Breathe in, breathe out. They also said that even if I went to another hospital in Mombasa, it was highly unlikely that I would be assisted since the radiologists conference was happening in Mombasa and there was no way that any one of them would have passed the chance to attend!

So I went back to the lab earlier than I had agreed with the technician and he told me to wait for a few seconds. He printed out the results and from how he was behaving, I knew that he wasn’t happy. So I asked him how my results looked like. He said, “Not too bad”. What does that mean!? They were testing to check whether there were any signs of clots in my blood. If you don’t have clots, the readings would be between 0 and 0.5. My results? 1.5 Sigh. Went back to the doctor, who looked at the results and said, “Sorry, Njenva. We have to admit you!” What!? No way. I am going to Diani. He actually burst out laughing.

Do you know what this might be?

Yes, a diversion from a holiday?

This is serious.

I am going to Diani.

You are not going to Diani.

Can I just get pain killers and I will come back another day?

No. This is serious. If the clot is near your lungs, heart or brain, you will die before you even get to the ferry.

Yeah, right! I just drove up here all the way from Kilifi….

Clearly you aren’t taking this seriously. Please wait for me outside, I need to consult with another doctor.

So I went back out and immediately texted IMO with the news. Could her hubbby please confirm that I don’t have to be admitted?! Could I just get painkillers and leave? My family wasn’t amused. I was just thinking – Here we were in hospital, when people have had to be carried from their sick beds, others have had to fly holding their tummies just in case stitches burst open and I just had to pass by the hospital and waste their time while they could be at the beach…..

So what has the doctor said?

He is consulting another doctor then they will advise.


I am actually chatting with her now…

Sigh. Lunch time is now over. We have missed lunch at the hotel. What is IMO’s hubby saying?

They are driving, they will call as soon as they can pull over.


I went back to the doctor’s cubicle. He had called his other colleague. Who went ahead to say the same thing. I needed to get admitted. They need to check where the clot is. It is very serious, I need to take is seriously…. I am going to Diani. What!? Go and wait, we will call the consultant in charge.

So, what have the doctors said?

They are consulting another doctor.

What time do you think we will leave to go to the hotel?

I have no idea. Maybe you guys should go ahead and I will come afterwards as soon as they release me.

WHAT!? You think we will just leave you here? Are you crazy!?

I am just wasting your time and I might get admitted….

ADMITTED? YOU HAVE NO FAITH! Instead of speaking healing you are here talking about admission…


As I walk back towards the cubicle, IMO calls. And I can hear her hubby on the other side, speaking on phone. And I can who the topic of discussion is. When I get into the cubicle, one doctor is on phone, explaining the rationale behind their wanting to admit me to someone on the phone, who I rightly assume is IMO’s hubby – let’s call him Saul. So the first doctor tells me that he is handing me over to the other doctor on phone with Saul, he would have wanted to admit me but since I am being stubborn, the other doctor will do it because I am not leaving the hospital. So I go back to my seat to wait for Saul and the doctor to finish their conversation.

What has the doctor said?

I am being admitted and…..

Why are you being admitted!? Why? Don’t you have faith!? What has Saul said? Do you need one of us to go in with you to see the doctor?!

IMO calls again. Yeah. Saul also supports the admission. My fate is sealed. Even if I have faith the size of a mustard TREE, I am going to be admitted. And the doctors call me back to the cubicle to say that they (4 doctors in total!) are all in agreement that I should get admitted. If I want to leave the hospital, I’d have to sign a document, some sort of waiver of liability, saying that I was advised not to leave, but I insisted on leaving anyway. I had to get admitted. But before that, I was still in so much pain that the nurse who had seen all this drama happening was asked to give me a pain killer injection. So when I went in to be injected, I asked Hipilicious to go in with me since I really hate injections. We had an argument about where I should be injected and my bum lost. No sooner had he injected me than he began to laugh at me.

“HAHAHAHAHA! Ati unaenda South Coast! Leo unalala hapa!!!” And that was how I became friends with Masese! He was so helpful in my check in process, God bless him lots. We were laughing so hard as we were moving about, when we passed by the lab, we met the technician who was in shock to see me.

What are you still doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be at South Coast!?

Yeah, I blame you. Who asked you to give such nasty results from your lab. It is your fault that I am getting admitted…

What! I didn’t know it was that serious!

When we were going up the steps, we met a cleaner and I said hi to him. He then asked me why I was agreeing to be admitted at that time, nearly 4pm. I told him I was as shocked as he was to be admitted, I had other plans for the day but what could I do? I could barely walk so there was no way I was going to run away….

Masese asked me whether I was a doctor. Hmmm? Why would he even think that? He said he was wondering how I knew everyone in the hospital. I told him I only knew him and the lab guy, I had just met the cleaner at the steps and …even before I was done, another nurse came to say hi and that she was sorry I was being admitted. ALL the staff there were so nice. It is a hospital yes, but they made me feel so at home……..Which was a good thing because finally, Mrs. Adrian, Hipilicious and Skinny were on their way to Diani. And I told them not to even think about coming back to the hospital, I would go to them. They all needed to rest and that was what I was also going to do – albeit with a different view…..


Part 3 – The Invasion of the Dzariguta’s ….Coming Soon…