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Fashion Sense…..NOT


Since the incident with the pink trouser, I haven’t had the opportunity to fight with Mrs. Adrian about my clothing choices. I often fight with my sisters who say things like they are aren’t going to be seen with me in certain outfits. Previously, they have even taken photos to prove their point, see below.

I had worn white sports shoes, blue flowered socks, short trousers..... I was going with my sisters to a wedding...... FYI - I was COMFORTABLE!

I had worn white sports shoes, blue flowered socks, short trousers….. I was going with my sisters to a wedding…… FYI – I was COMFORTABLE! Those are Skinny’s toes trembling with the excitement of taking this photo…..

I had worn bata bullets without socks and three quarter shorts... I think we were going to a formal function

I had worn Bata bullets without socks and three quarter shorts… I think we were going to a formal function

Anyway, most of the fights involving clothes and Mrs. Adrian have been between Hipilicious and herself. When my uncle was hospitalized for one year, Hipilicious was required to take him food every single day because he couldn’t stand hospital food. And the issue that Mrs. Adrian had with Hipilicious was that she felt that the clothes her daughter was wearing were too tight.

You have to change your clothing

Why? I am comfortable

No, wear tops that cover your hips and trousers that aren’t too tight

I am going to wear what I like, thank you very much.

You are being unfair

Why? How?

You are walking in to a hospital ward full of men, wearing such tight clothing. And they are just there helpless and watching your every move….


I don’t think Hipilicious changed her dressing but even to date, she is always the one fighting with Mrs. Adrian over dressing.

Not me.

So yesterday when I took Mrs. Adrian to a tailor to pick up our outfits, we had a blown out argument that had me laughing so hard, other tailors stopped to stare. It was odd fighting with my mother about clothing, I usually fight with my sisters about dressing, not her!

Uuuuum, this dress is too long.

No it looks fine.

Please take off 4 inches from this dress. I had requested it to be above my knees

No, mummy, you cannot wear something that short (When she uses “mummy”, you know she is trying hard to be patient…..)

Yes, I am. And I will

How will you even bend?

I proceeded to show her.

Oh my goodness.

What did you see?

Nothing…… but the dress went up quite substantially

But did you see anything?

Mummy, you cannot wear such a short dress

Ma, have you seen photos of when you wore mini skirts?

Does that mean that you also have to wear the same length of skirts?

No, it doesn’t. But it means that you were comfortable that way, right?

That was a different era

Yap. And this is a different one!

This is IO’s fault. Are you facing peer pressure to wear short clothes because IO wears belts? (IO’s dresses are legendarily short and Mrs. Adrian had started calling them ‘belts’)

This is when I burst out laughing….. I laughed so hard that afterwards I felt sorry for Mrs. Adrian. She looked so hurt. I also laughed because I really wanted to see IO’s face when I told her this story – which I haven’t. So I decided not to shorten the dress. But I will be going back today to shorten it. I can’t wait to see Mrs. Adrian’s face when I wear the dress during a church function in the sticks.