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Njenva’s favourite blog posts so far


Just thought I should share with you the posts I have enjoyed writing the most! In no order of ranking:

1. Kermit

This cleared up alot of fog over who or what Kermit was. Many of my Facebook friends had asked me this question one time or the other ‘Who is Kermit’. Now you know the most important question isn’t that but, ‘How are you doing Miss. Piggy?’

2. TDS

Because I am a snoop like that. Funny enough, one member of TDS is about to be fired. I wonder whether their experience in this organisation has taught them to look out for signs and stuff and is aware of their imminent firing????

3. Mrs. Adrian’s Photography Skills. Not

I laughed so hard while putting together the pictures for this post. All the pictures were from one trip, I think I should look for more evidence in our archives. I think it was second nature to tear up photos where only legs and floors appeared after the one week wait of  photos being developed at a photo studio. Now with digital cameras, it is easier to keep the ‘bad’ memories for a longer period of time.

4. Njenva’s Happy Day

This day’s happiness quotient hasn’t yet been surpassed. Finally documenting it was an absolute pleasure.

5.  Traffic Rules a la Njenva

I was so upset when I was writing this post. Someone must have really annoyed me on the road. I guess I directed my road rage here.

6. Disasters of the heart

Who hasn’t been through heart break? Maybe not everyone blogs about it but well, I did. And I accidentally met one of the people described there yesterday….

7. Bubblegum Wrappers

I snort with chuckling pleasure whenever I remember the pranks I played on Hipilicious when we were young. This one I think wins the con artist crown!

8. Lessons from Adrian

Even though he died 23 years ago, my father still influences my life. How? Decisions I make on certain things are DEFINATELY Adrian-influenced… Like who I will NEVER date…. In 9 days, he would have been turning 61. R.I.P.

9. Clothes on the floor

We were such naughty kids!

10. My Tricycle

Please call me if you see it? Reward offered.