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Image from Signspecialist.com

I usually enjoy quiet moments by myself. Just sitting at a corner with a book or just resting on my bed thinking about the past day, month or other period of time. And asking myself what activities I have done and how I could have done them better. Thinking about what I have said and whether it was the right thing to say.

These moments sometime spill over to when I am hanging out with other people. So people keep on wondering, ‘What is wrong?’ or, ‘Did something wrong happen?’ And I then don’t have an answer because I am fine, just enjoying my own thoughts and would just like to talk to my inner self.

But this week at our company strategy session, I have deliberately been silent. I have words and thoughts and ideas. But I will not voice them. I have placed an imaginary padlock on my mouth. I am not going to talk. I am not going to say a thing. I am going to give blank looks and smile a lot. The only responses I am providing are ‘Yes’ and ‘No’.


Edited to add: I have just spoken and now I feel like kicking myself.