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Not Naming, But Shaming – Furniture


I dealt with a furniture supplier that I found on OLX. He had put up a TV stand that I wanted to buy for the LOFT.  His contact details were provided (of course) and I got in touch with him.

Hi, my name is Njenva and I would like to inquire about the TV stand you have put up on OLX.

Oh, yes. My name is Maingi and I have the TV stands. Are you coming today?

You have some that are ready?!

Yes, we do. What time do I expect you?

I work far away from Donholm so I can only come on Saturday.

That is fine, see you then.

I called him again on Thursday to confirm whether I should still go to collect the stand on Saturday and he said that they were currently over but they were preparing more that should be ready by Saturday. I called him on Friday morning and he told me that they were just putting finishing touches and that they would be ready on Saturday morning.

As is usual, I never go to meet a stranger by myself. I solicited for Skinny’s help and we woke up really early on Saturday to go collect the TV stand. I called him before leaving my house and he assured me that the stand was ready, all we had to to was pick it up. On the way to his workshop, I noticed that others around him had similar stands to what I wanted. Excitement.

Hi, I am Njenva, I am here to pick up the TV stand

Oh! Hello. You said you would come on Saturday.

Yes it is Saturday. So where is it?

Which TV stand did you say you wanted?

The one that you put up on OLX

You know, I had put up 2 stands on OLX, please tell me which one it is you wanted

My eyes pop as he unleashes a photo album with various types of furniture. I showed him the one I wanted.

Okay, it can be ready in two weeks (Without even blinking!!)

You said it was ready and that I should collect it today

Ahhh, must you  get a TV stand today? Just leave us a deposit………

Picture Skinny and I walking away. He follows us and asks to take us to his neighbour who also makes TV stands. We refuse but he tags along anyway. We get to another carpenter who sell us one of his stands.

As the stand is being loaded into the car, I notice cute cushions at Mainigi’s workshop. And we begin talking about them. Njenva isn’t even serious. I selected a material and requested for cushions to be made from that material. I was told to collect them on Thursday. Of course I had to pay a down payment for the materials to be bought.

On Thursday when I called him he said that we had agreed on Monday. Hmmmm. Okay. On Monday, I sent a courier to collect the cushions.

Njenva, he is saying that he can’t release the cushions unless you pay the balance

Okay, I am sending the rest of the balance right now via M-Pesa

He has gone to collect the cushions, see you soon

Two hours later.

I have to leave and make other deliveries. He said he had gone to collect the cushions but he has disappeared

What? Have you called him?

Yes, I have been calling him for about an hour and he keeps saying that he is coming back. I cannot wait any longer


Maingi, how are you?

I am fine.

Where are my cushions?

Your guy left without them

Yes, because they were not ready. Didn’t we agree on collecting them today even after you changed the collection date?

But your guys has gone

Do you want me to come collect them right now?

No, I have already left the workshop

He will come to collect them tomorrow.

No, let him come next week on Monday


Everything will be ready by then.

I am not asking for a wall unit. All I want is cushions!

Don’t be rude..

What? You said you couldn’t release the cushions without the rest of the payment and now you have the money and the cushions and I have hot air. Are you serious?

I have to go.

And he hung up!

Breathe, Njenva. Breathe.

Next week Monday arrives and my courier guy is there early.

Njenva, I finally got your cushions, though they made me wait for another two hours. I didn’t ask, what colour of cushions had you requested for?

And when I finally received the cushions, I understood why he asked me that question…….

Sofa cushions from Maingi in Donholm. Three different fabrics for one set of cushions. I had selected the one below, the other two came as bonus.......

Sofa cushions from Maingi in Donholm. Three different fabrics for one set of cushions. I had selected the one below, the other two came as bonus…….