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Last Weekend 20/04



The pity party happened. Not in the way we had planned it to. It ended up being one of the best sleepovers EVER!

Friday 1800h – Left the office, met with Shish in traffic on my way to the LOFT

Friday 1830 – Got to my house and started making dinner. Don’t know where Shish disappeared to, maybe she stopped on a side road to talk to some dude.

Friday 1900 – Shish arrives and finds dinner is ready. Tweetie had asked me to surprise them so I made mushroom and peas rice, chicken tikka masala and creamed spinach

Friday 1930 – Tweetie arrives

Friday 2000 – Njenva serves herself dinner since it seems that her friends are not that hungry. Some time later, we all serve food (my second round by then!) and eat and talk. By the time we are done eating, I expect to go and get tissues so that the crying is done in a dignified manner.

Friday 2200 – As USUAL, Tweetie is the first to position herself to move on to the next realm – dream land.

Friday 2315 – Shish has joined Tweetie in dreamland. I put on Mizu (my favourite album right now!) and read my novel.


Saturday 00:35 – I finish reading the book and decide to get onto Facebook. A couple of insomniacs like myself keep me abit busy

Saturday 01:05 – I decide, okay, time to sleep. I go to make my bed 🙂 and Tweetie wakes up and like a good girl gets to bed. I try waking Shish up but no, she’s too deep into slumber land. I take a sufuria and hit it with a huge spoon near her ear. She wakes up. ‘So, no crying?‘ she asks. NKT. Like I was supposed to cry alone. I make my unhappiness known and Tweetie hears this while going to my other bedroom (didn’t she just get into bed!?) and she comes into the sitting room, ‘Oh, sorry. We haven’t yet cried. Who will start? Can we cry so that I am able to wake up and go to work?‘ NKT. Like there is a button to press and then our pity party is supposed to start. NKT.

Saturday 01:15 – Just when I was complaining about the fact that we didn’t get to cry, I hear it. The sound of the famous Subaru.

Guys, guys! He is here!

Your husband?

No, the other guy!

Mr. Paperbags guy?



Two fireballs rush to the window.

No!!!! Not that window. The lights are on here, he will see you. Go to the other room!

The two of them disappeared into that room faster than I could say ‘CLANDE’

(Very loud whispering)

He has a nice car

Aw, he is alone

I told them there is NO WAY he can be alone. It was right smack in the middle of the weekend. No way.

All of a sudden, ‘HE IS WITH SOMEONE’!!! Tweetie said this so loudly, I am sure even the watchmen woke up to check who was with someone!!!

Then all hell broke loose. Shish started laughing hysterically – she laughed so much I thought she was going to faint or something. Tweetie was excited that she had gotten to see Mr. Paperbags guy and was busy describing him LOUDLY (as if I don’t know my own neighbour!). And I was very excited to find out one very important piece of information. The girl was just like all the rest. Skimpily dressed, freeze and shine style. BUT SHE WAS CARRYING A PAPERBAG! So they actually come with their own paperbags. Part of the puzzle solved.

By the time we went to sleep after 4am, we had discussed all sorts of theories that would explain why these girls carry paper bags. And no, we didn’t finally end up with a conclusion. The jury is still out on that one!

The rest of the weekend passed in a blur of putting up curtains, doing my hair, getting presents (family monthly meeting) and visiting a couple of friends. I demand a pity party. I need to cry!